Commodore 64 Games

By Chris Federico

(June 2002)

The following games were developed in conjunction with a graphics/sound utility called Garry Kitchen's Gamemaker. I highly recommend this tool, if you can find it (it's made by Activision), to those of you with 64s who are skilled in programming, but would like to circumvent the tedious math involved in designing sprites, scenery and sound effects. All components of this utility are basically set up just like those old "sprite editor" programs. You still draw, but you don't have to deal with as many numbers.

Gamemaker is not required to play the following games; they're machine language files, like anything else. What is necessary, however, is a C-64 emulator. Just load the games normally. Use joystick 2 to play, and hit the space bar to restart any game. Have fun, and write to me with any questions or comments. Many thanks to Adam Trionfo for converting these to .d64 files for me!

STELLA GETS A LOBOTOMY -- Two files that each include a few... interesting twists on Atari 2600 games. Just pretend that you've managed to plug in a lot of cartridges at once, and your confused VCS is doing its best. There's also a bonus opening scene involving a musically simplistic arcade classic and a famous shark...

JUPITER'S ELECTRICIAN -- Blast twelve enemy missiles per level -- enough to create an electrical build-up that will short out the very space stations firing them at you! Hop your remote-controlled device from position to position as it clings to the sides of the stations. Get rid of all the missiles before all nine stations charge themselves up (you can tell by how many have a glow around them), or everything will blow up in your face! The catch, so to speak, is that you only have three shots; but after firing, you can retrieve any shot by racing across the playfield to the opposite end and catching your own bullet (whether or not it's successfully obliterated an enemy missile along the way). Look for the lightning bolt-shaped atmospheric upheavels -- they render you temporarily invulnerable if you catch them!

TYRANT -- Each level contains one or more reactors, situated at the top of the playfield. All encountered reactors must be destroyed! A barrier, which has to be shot away layer by layer, protects the reactor area from your shots. You'll also stay busy blasting the evil henchmen that will creep up and try to stop you; one will occasionally drop a battery as he dies. These batteries must be collected to keep your flashlight going. Be quick; if the batteries are left to lie on the ground, their automatic defense systems will take shots at you! Oh, yeah -- don't touch the walls! Everything's electrified in this old school-style shoot-'em-up! (And you can blame Tron for the influence.)

SUPER SPACE CARNAGE -- Like no invasion game you've ever played (I guarantee it)!