Orphaned Computers & Game Systems

Vol. I, Issue 1    June 1994

News and Events

- The Atari Euphoria Exchange is no longer making copies of instructions for the Atari 2600. The idea was good, though, so if anyone can pick up the reins and continue, that would be great.

- CMD, which supports Commodore, has obtained the rights to the GEOS and ReRun disks. They also continue to carry a full line of merchandise for the C64 and C128.

- Commodore US has declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. As far as I know, Commodore in Europe is doing okay. In fact, they still produce C64s for some countries! (I'm not perfect, though, so correct me if I'm wrong.)

- Atari has a new phone number that supports their computer line, from the 8-bits through the Falcon. The number is 1-800-GO ATARI. Atari will try to railroad you into listening to propaganda on the Jaguar, so just press zero to talk to someone.

- GEnie now has an Adam Round Table. It is part of the TI RT (which supports the orphan community), page 575. Don't forget about the Commodore and Atari Round Tables!

- [The following words are from a local newspaper:] Houston computer enthusiast Shawn Kevin Quinn, 17, pleaded "no contest" to putting out a murder contract on the boyfriend of a girl he had eyes for. According to the man Quinn contracted, Quinn offered to pay $5.30, plus seven Atari cartridges. [I hope they were at least for the Jaguar! Ha ha!] After a psychological exam portrayed Quinn as merely socially retarded [merely?!?] because of his computer obsession, a judge sentenced him to ten years' probation. [I wonder if the guy would have done it for something else -- Cubicolor, say, or maybe an Atari 1450XLD. Just something scary to think about!]

- The Video-Game Trader has been put back into production by a man named Fred Horvat. If it follows the same format as the old one, it will mainly be a classified newsletter. See the source guide later in this newsletter for the address.