Orphaned Computers & Game Systems

Vol. I, Issue 1    June 1994

Wish List

by Adam Trionfo

Magic Lamp

Ideas will be listed in the hope that a reader can help another to find what is being searched for. Not every item submitted will be put on the wish list (although some may be repeated), but as many as possible will be. The item wanted doesn't even have to exist. For examples, just read the following. I wish that...

Don't be afraid to ask for something that seems totally weird, or just not possible. There are some strange goings-on in the world, and I have been surprised by many of the items that I have seen or read about. Also, "8-bit" refers to any computer, so if you know how to hook up a hard drive to a TI, write in. If you can hook one up for an Atari, write in. What I am trying to say is: Use your knowledge for the benefit of the community.

Without cooperation from readers, this cannot exist. So if you can help, send along your information.