Orphaned Computers & Game Systems

Vol. I, Issue 2    August 1994

And The Winner Is... No One!

by Adam Trionfo

Last issue, I held a small contest: very simple, and anyone could have won. I asked a simple question, and expected at least one person to answer. No one did! The question was:

What was the first game that was released for the Atari 5200 by a company other than Atari?

Also, I asked that you send the reasons that you still used classic systems. There were to be two winners, but now there will be just one. The first person to do the above will receive two new Atari 5200 games (Star Raiders and Qix).

I would like to hold a contest in each issue, but if there are no contestants, there can be no winners!

Also, if you have a good idea for a contest, send it in. Even if it is just what you would like the prize to be in the next contest, I would really like to hear from you!