Orphaned Computers & Game Systems

Vol. I, Issue 2    August 1994

A Book Review: Flicker by Theodore Roszak

reviewed by Adam Trionfo

Flicker (Softcover)

This book has nothing to do with computers or games, but that doesn't matter. If you don't read it, there is always going to be a void in your life.

Flicker (Hardcover)

I must warn you that if you take my advice and look for this book, you will probably need to go to a used-book store, as it is out of print. It is published by Bantam Books, in case that might help you find it.

The book is about a fictional film director in the 1920s through the '40s. It takes place in an alternative universe. Well, sorta...it's very similar to ours. This book defies description; no joking. I have seen this book in every section of used book stores! This is a sensational book. Read it!