Orphaned Computers & Game Systems

Vol. I, Issue 2    August 1994

How to Cheat and Win at Zork I: The Great Underground Empire

by Paul Baca

Zork I Title

A note from the editor: Years ago, I spent hours at a time exploring Zork's dungeon and getting lost in the maze (I didn't even know that the maze could be mapped!). I wish that I had what follows back then. Paul created these maps and hints himself, with plenty of work. If anything seems amiss, please let us know. Paul solved the IBM version of Zork I, but all versions are the same, as far as I know. In the next issue, I will have maps and hints for Zork II. (Paul has solved all three in the series!)

Zork I Skull
  1. Go to the Clearing with the large tree. Climb the tree and get the jeweled egg.
  2. Behind the House, open the window and enter.
  3. Move the rug. Get the lamp and sword. Open the trophy case. Open the trap door.
  4. Go down to the Cellar. Find and kill the troll. Leave his axe. Drop everything but the lamp, and head into the Gallery.
  5. Get the painting and exit the Studio up through the chimney and into the kitchen. Go up into the Attic and get the rope. Put all treasures, except the egg, in the trophy case.
  6. With the rope and lamp, go to the Dome Room. Tie the rope to the railing and climb down. Get the torch. (You can turn off the lamp now and conserve energy.) Leave the bell, book and candle for now.
  7. In the Egyptian Room, get the coffin. Go to the Altar and pray. In the Clearing or Behind House, open the coffin. Get the sceptre and head for the rainbow.
  8. At the End of the Rainbow, wave the sceptre. Go get that gold. Go back to the house and put all the loot in the trophy case.
  9. In the Maintenance Room, get the wrench, the screwdriver and the tube. Push the yellow button. Head back out to the Dam. Turn the bolt with the wrench to open the gates. Drop the wrench.
  10. At the Dam Base, inflate the boat with the pump. Get in the boat (carrying nothing sharp -- i.e. the sword or trident) and launch. Wait a while, until you see the buoy -- then grab it. Land immediately. Get out of the boat and open the buoy. Take the emerald.
  11. In the Sandy Cave, dig in the sand with the shovel until you find the scarab. (Dig no further, or else the walls will cave in on you.) Drop the shovel. Go over the rainbow and back to the house. Put all your goodies into the case.
  12. In the Echo Room, type echo. Get the bar. Go put this heavy sucker in the case.
  13. With the bell, book and candle, go to the Entrance to Hades. Light and then drop the candle. Ring the bell. Hold the candle (re-light it if necessary). Read the book. Get the skull. You can now drop the book, bell, candle and matches.
  14. Now go collect all those treasures you have gotten: the trunk of jewels, the trident, etc.
  15. With the lamp, torch, garlic and screwdriver, go the to the Squeaky Room. Drop the garlic. Leave the figurine until you get back. Go to the Shaft Room. Put the screwdriver and torch into the basket. Light the lamp. Get the coal from the Dead End. Put it into the basket. Lower the basket. Head down to the Timber Room, armed only with your lamp. Drop this and go through the Tight Squeeze to the Drafty Room. Get all the stuff from the basket and head into the Machine Room. Open the machine, put in the coal and close it. Turn the switch with the screwdriver. Get the diamond. Put everything into the basket except for the screwdriver. On your way out, pick up the figurine, bracelet and basket. Slide down to the Cellar and put all this in the case.
  16. With the lamp, sword, lunch and bottle, and as many treasures as you can carry, head into the Maze. Go get the key and coins. Unlock the grate. Go to the Cyclops Room. Give the lunch to the Cyclops. Now give him the water. Confront the thief in his room. Now give him treasures to slow him down, and then kill him with your sword. (Always save your game before attempting this!)
  17. After you have put all the treasures into the trophy case, take the canary (the one in the egg) and go back to the large tree. Wind up the canary and get the brass bobble. Get all the treasures into the trophy case, and a parchment will appear with a map to Zork II.

The Treasures of Zork I

Treasure               Where

Jeweled Egg            Up a Tree
Beautiful Painting     Gallery
Ivory Torch            Torch Room
Gold Coffin            Egyptian Room
Sceptre                In the Coffin
Pot of Gold            End of Rainbow
Emerald                In the Buoy
Scarab                 Sandy Cave (buried)
Platinum Bar           Echo Room
Crystal Skull          Hades
Trunk of Jewels        Reservoir
Crystal Trident        Atlantis Room
Jade Figurine          Bat Room
Sapphire Bracelet      Gas Room
Huge Diamond           Machine Room (make your own!)
Bag of Coins           Maze
Skier Chalice          Thief's room
Clockwork Canary       Inside the egg
Brass Bobble           The songbird has it

Zork I Maps

Zork I Map 1 (Aboveground)
Zork I - Aboveground

Zork I Map 1 (Underground)
Zork I - Underground

Zork I Map 1 (The Maze)
Zork I - The Maze

Zork I Map 1 (The Mine Maze)
Zork I - The Mine Maze