Orphaned Computers & Game Systems

Vol. I, Issue 2    August 1994


by Adam Trionfo

The VideoGame Trader: This is another go at a classifieds-oriented newsletter. In fact, this is nothing but classifieds. It costs a buck. Vol. III, #1 is pretty basic, but worth the price. There should be a new issue out by now. This has great potential! The VideoGame Trader, P.O. Box 493, Chesterland, OH 44026, (216) 729-0761

Matrix #8: Another great issue from Jeremy. It includes a really cool review of the SNES -- quite funny. Worth the buck alone! Jeremy Statz, N6148 170th St., Elmwood, WI 54740, (715) 639-3205

Game Force #6: Cool cover. I like the new layout, too. Page 9 says, "This Page Intentionally Left Blank." I thought that was great! I hate when computer manuals say that! What is the point? The issue has a good assortment of reviews and stuff. I've talked with Jeff, and he has a lot to give to the community! Just a dollar. (A buck sure is a popular price, don't you think?) Game Force, P.O. Box 1610, Belen, NM 87002-1610

Monty's Kitten #1: Not much to do with gaming, but a definite must! It's quite funny, and the comic cover had me rolling! Surprise: just a dollar! Brook's King, 1357 Jackson Ferry Road, Greenback, TN 37742 (Have you had your ham today?)

Current Notes, Vol. XIV, No. 5: This isn't a newsletter, but a full-fledged magazine. It isn't game-oriented, either. It costs $4.95, and is now bi-monthly. It covers the Atari ST and 8-bits. This is the Atari magazine. Highly recommended! Subscribe, even! You might find this in a large newsstand, so look for it! Current Notes, Inc., 122 N. Johnson Rd, Sterling, VA 20164, (703) 450-4761

Classic Systems & Games Monthly #3: This is a cool newsletter. It includes Vectrex reviews, plenty of classifieds and tons of other stuff. Costs $1.75. I like the fact that it is so varied. Jeff Adkins, 11 Windsor, Attica, NY 14011

The Laser #7: This issue has more space dedicated to the classic systems than prior issues. It contains reviews of many 2600 Activision games. Also, ColecoVision games are reviewed. $2.00. The Laser, 2 Rock Ridge Drive, Norwalk, CT 06854, (203) 866-5946

2600 Connection #23: This issue is dedicated to collecting. As usual, it's very good! Tim always has interesting insights into gaming. $1.00. The 2600 Connection, C/O Tim Duarte, P.O. Box N664, Westport, MA 02790

Video Magic #115: First off, if this is issue #115, how long has this newsletter/catalogue been around? A while! There's a review of Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory. Also included are articles about general game design, and game programming on Atari 8-bits. Note that most articles are continued into the next issue. You can always order the complete article for a small price. This sometimes includes a disk. Video Magic is also a catalogue for most systems, and the software prices are quite reasonable. Some things are bid-only. $2.00. Frank M. Polosky, P.O. Box 9542, PGH, PA 15223

If you have a newsletter that you would like reviewed, send it in! There is a great number of sources out there. I'm going to attempt a list that will be available separately.