Orphaned Computers & Game Systems

Vol. I, Issue 3    December 1994

Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz
More Than Just Hints!

by Paul Baca

Zork II (Box)

Paul is back! By now, you should have been able to solve Zork I (see last issue). Are you ready for the next step: the Wizard? Until next month, watch out, or else you are likely to be eaten by a Grue!

  1. Armed with the lamp, the sword, the letter opener and the placemat, go to the Tiny Room. Put the placemat under the door. Move the lid. Insert the letter opener into the keyhole. Pull the mat. Get the key and letter opener. Unlock the door with the key. In the Dreary Room, get the blue sphere. Drop the key, letter opener and placemat.
  2. In the Dragon Room, attack the dragon with the sword (just enough to get his attention). Go south to the Stone Bridge. Attack him again -- this will keep him following. Have him follow you to the Ice Room and watch the magic.
  3. Back to the Dragon's Lair. Kiss the princess. Get the chest and follow her to the Gazebo, where she will give you the key and a rose. (The rose is pretty, but has no practical value.) Start storing your treasures in the Carousel Room. With the teapot and lamp, go to the Bank. Get the portrait and enter the curtain. Enter the south wall and (again) the curtain. Get the bills. Enter the north wall. Drop the bills and portrait, and leave. Go back and get the bills and portrait. Enter the curtain. (Oh, boy!! You're finally out of that mess!) On your way to the Carousel Room, fill the teapot at the Ford.
  4. With the teapot full of water, go to the Riddle Room. Say "A well" and go through the door. Get into the bucket and pour the water into it. Drop the teapot in the bucket. Get out and go into the Tea Room. Get all the cakes except the orange one (it will explode if you try to eat it...). Eat the green cake and go through the tiny door. Put the red cake in the pool and get the candy. Don't worry about the flask. Go back into the Tea Room and eat the blue cake.
Zork II (Screenshot)
  1. In the Low Room, tell the robot to go east, and then tell it to push the triangle button. Now tell it to go south. Get the red sphere. DON'T PANIC! Tell the robot to lift the cage. Get the sphere and leave.
  2. With the brick, string, newspaper and matches, get into the balloon basket. Open the receptacle and put the newspaper inside. Light a match and burn the paper. Wait for a little while. Land on the Small Ledge. Tie the wire to the hook and get out of the basket. Go to the Library, and get the zorkmid and rare stamp from the purple book. (Try reading the white one.) Get back into the balloon basket and untie the wire. Next, land at the Wide Ledge. Tie the wire to the hook and get out. Go into the Dusty Room. Put the string into the brick. Put the brick into the hole, and light the string with a match. LEAVE! Wait for the explosion. Go back into the room, get the crown and leave immediately. Get back into the basket, untie the wire and close the receptacle. Wait until the balloon lands.
  3. With the lamp, sword, candy and gold key, as well as both spheres, go into the Guarded Room. Give the candy to the lizard. Unlock the door with the gold key and go through.
  4. Go to the Aquarium Room. Throw the sword at the aquarium. Get the now available sphere.
Zork II (Feelie)
  1. In the Wizard's Workroom, put the spheres on their respective stands. Get the black sphere. Go into the Pentagram Room and put the black sphere on the circle. Go get all of the treasures you've left in the Carousel Room, and give them to the demon. Tell him, "Give me the wand" (or "Kill the wizard").
  2. Take the wand, lamp and sword down to the Menhir Room. Wave the wand at the rock and say "Float." Go into the Kennel and get the collar.
  3. Find the club in one of the Oddly Angled Rooms. It is actually a bat; this is a baseball diamond, and you should not need help... Okay. From home plate (where the bat is found), go SE, NE, NW and SW. Now the secret door will open for you in one of the Oddly Angled Rooms, and you can head north. Put the collar on the pooch and give him a big kiss!
  4. What? You can't figure out how to get the last few points? You're on your own for this one. But feel free...

The Treasures Needed to Bribe the Demon

What               Where
Gold Statuette     Dragon's Lair
Portrait           Chairman's Office
200 Zorkmids       Vault
Small, Gold Key    Received from the princess
Coin               Small Ledge
Rare Stamp         In the purple book
Crown              Dusty Room
Ruby               Lava Room
Violin             Carousel Room
Pearl Necklace     Pearl room

Objects Found in Zork II and their uses:

What               Use
Lamp               Light; finding hidden door
Sword              Teasing dragon; breaking aquarium
Blue Sphere        Creating black sphere
Red Sphere         Creating black sphere
Clear Sphere       Creating black sphere
Teapot             Carrying water
Red Rose           Pretty but useless
Placemat           Sliding under Dreary Room door
Letter Opener      Pushing out key
Key                Opening Dreary Room door
Matches            Lighting papers and string
Newspaper          Making hot air for balloon
String             Fuse for explosive brick
Brick              Explosive for box
Green Cake         Shrinks you when eaten
Blue Cake          Restores your normal size
Red Cake           Absorbs water
Orange Cake        Explodes when eaten
Flask              No use
Candy              Food for lizard
Robot              Pushing buttons and lifting
Collar             Tames dog
Club               Finding home plate; breaking aquarium
Books (4)          Purple book contains rare stamp
Grue Repellent     Good for a few moves
Zork II Map