Orphaned Computers & Game Systems

Vol. II, Issue 7    December 1998

Flatulence Notice

by Chris Federico

If you read our articles, you know that we try to take a serious, intelligent approach to video games, and even try to articulate our love for the hobby. But we also like incorporating a sense of humor -- do our readers?

In the last issue, we posted a blurb about a new contest we were having, spawned by a reader letter mentioning the fart-like sound of a strike in the Fairchild Bowling game. We asked that readers send in any farting moments they could remember from the extensive library of classic video or computer games. You know how many responses we've gotten so far? One!

Come on, premium gaming colleagues! E-mail or send us brief descriptions of any farting sounds you'd like to enlighten us on. We're hoping to include a whole article based on them in issue #8. Help us celebrate the first-year anniversary of Adam & I publishing this newsletter together by enjoying the humorous potential inherent in our hobby! Thanks! -- CF