Orphaned Computers & Game Systems

Vol. II, Issue 9    April 1999

Doesn't Anyone Have Gas Yet?

by Chris Federico

Three issues ago now, we posted a blurb about a new contest we were having, spawned by a reader letter mentioning the fart-like sound of a strike in the Fairchild Bowling game. We asked that readers send in any farting moments they could remember in the extensive library of classic video or computer games. In the past two issues we've printed reminders, since we'd only gotten two responses. We still have yet to receive a third!

Come on, professional gaming colleagues! E-mail or send us brief descriptions of any farting sounds you'd like to enlighten us on. We're hoping to write a whole article about them (with mention of the contributors, of course).

By now, of course, it might seem like I'm pushing this a bit much. I mean, if all of our readers lack the sense of humor (or the ears for flatulence) required of a monumental project like this, then it might be foolish to hope for any more responses. But we have a rare chance, you and I. We have the opportunity to unfurl a brand-new flag that can be planted with pride amongst the electronic community. We can show the world that we are not a bunch of lifeless geeks who sit at home all day and take our machines more seriously than our hearts! We can prove that we're not lost in a world of bits and bytes that prevents us from displaying secure, self-assured senses of humor, or enough selfesteem to lighten up about our hobby once in a while! WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! (Brap) -- CF