Orphaned Computers & Game Systems

Vol. II, Issue 6    October 1998

Easter-Egg Update

by Chris Federico

The last issue contained an article called "The Complete 2600 Easter-Egg Archive." A couple of people were kind enough to send me some corrections and additions.

Russ Perry, Jr. e-mailed me with the following information: "As far as the 50,000-point bonus in Bump 'n Jump goes, it's definitely intentional -- the arcade game awards you that bonus for smashing zero cars, and the 2600 version is merely faithful.

"As to [sic] Mountain King, I gather by your methods that you (or someone you know) discovered this, but also that you didn't explore it enough. There are not two secret areas above the mountain, but only one -- it wraps away the same way the mountain itself does. It's hard to do, due to areas that freeze you or make you fall back down, but it can be done in both directions." Thanks, Russ!

Mark Androvich was also nice enough to take the time to e-mail me:

"If you hold down the Select button [in Adventures of Tron] while turning on the power, a message appears on the title screen, giving the name of the programmers."

He explained the reason for the Easter egg in Fathom: "Imagic's address was included not because Rob Fulop was trying to be funny, but because there was a contest involved. You were supposed to send your name to the address that appeared on the screen -- I have never heard who won or what the prize was."

Thanks, you two! -- CF