Yet Another Easter-Egg Update

By Chris Federico

(February 11, 2002)

Throughout the actual issues of OC&GS, updates on the old article "The Atari 2600 Easter Egg Archive" frequently appeared as readers sent us new discoveries. All future updates will now appear in this stand-alone article.

This one -- a further secret message to add to those already documented for the game -- comes courtesy of Digital Press. In Game 1, give Elliot just one Reese's Piece. Now, whenever you're both on the screen that contains eight wells, graphic artist Jerome M. Domurat's initials will appear in the upper-right corner.

Tap the SELECT switch 22 times, then press FIRE to start the game. When the "Crazed Wave" title's displayed (at 32,500 points), hold down FIRE; it will change to "Woita Wave" (Steve Woita programmed the game).