VideoBrain Family Computer

VideoBrain F8 Source Code / Disassemblies

I) VideoBrain Disassemblies (Cartridges)

APL/S - No cart available for disassembly. Do you have one?






     Gladiator - Sean Riddle and Kurt Woloch

Lemonade Stand

Math Tutor 1

Money Minder

Music Teacher 1




Vice Versa


Wordwise 1

Wordwise 2

II) VideoBrain Disassemblies (BIOS)

VideoBrain BIOS, "7802G0-RESN2-KOREA" - Sean Riddle

    VideoBrain BIOS, "7802G0-RESN2-KOREA" - Sean Riddle and Kurt Woloch

VideoBrain BIOS, "uvres-1n-2129-7802" - Sean Riddle

    VideoBrain BIOS, "uvres-1n-2129-7802" - Sean Riddle and Kurt Woloch

VideoBrain Expander I ROM Dump

III) VideoBrain Source Code (Homebrew)

Hello World ,By Kurt Woloch - Not your typical Hello World

Tiny BASIC for the F8 By Jerry D. Fox, "Dr Dobbs" #39 OCT 79A. The is a work-in-progress by Sean Riddle to get "Tiny BASIC" to run on the VideoBrain.

vbchars - By Sean Riddle. VideoBrain character codes that make typing VideoBrain ASCII (VidASCII) a little easier in F8 source code.

VBBIOS - By Sean Riddle. Has useful equates for UM registers, RAM, carts, and BIOS

IV) VideoBrain Source Code (Patents)

Pinball - From U.S. Patent 4177462

Tennis - From U.S. Patent 4232374


Discussion Group

The VideoBrain is not the only computer to use the Fairchild F8 CPU. Among other systems, the Channel F from 1976 (notably the first cartridge-based videogame console) also used the F8. There is an active Channel F and VideoBrain discussion group over at Yahoo Groups. Why not come by and say hello?

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