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Armchair Arcade's VideoBrain Pictures Armchair Arcade's VideoBrain Semi-Forensic Photo Blowout!"
     This site has many photos of the VideoBrain system (both inside and out).
DASM F8 CPU Assembler DASM F8 CPU Assembler
     DASM is a command-line macro assembler that supports the Fairchild F8 CPU (among others). It is easy to setup with a GUI frontend and is the standard for programming the Fairchild Channel F console and VideoBrain computer.
VideoBrain Family Computer Webpage OrphanedGames' "VideoBrain Family Computer" Webpage
     Offers pdfs VideoBrain book excerpts, manuals, magazine articles, plus more VideoBrain information.
Sean Riddle's F8 CPU Page Sean Riddle's F8 CPU Website
     While investigating the VideoBrain and the Fairchild Channel F, Sean Riddle has gathered together files and links that those interested in the VideoBrain's F8 CPU would be interested in. An unusual touch here is that he "captured some F8 signals from the VideoBrain and a Grandstand (UK-version of Channel F) using a Logic 16 from Saleae."
Sean Riddle's VideoBrain Webpage Sean Riddle's VideoBrain Webpage
     Sean Riddle has dumped the VideoBrain ROMs as well as deeply investigated the inner workings of the VideoBrain.
VideoBrain Overview VideoBrain at Home Computer and Video Game Museum
     Includes general information, pictures, screenshots, and some programming information. This website, unlike others VideoGame related sites, is not stagnant; it is updated periodically.
VideoBrain at AtariProtos VideoBrain at has a well-earned reputation for reviews of Atari prototypes (it's the place to go for that information). The webmaster also has a softspot for the VideoBrain computer and he reviews the games and has screenshots and photos.
VideoBrain Wikipedia Article VideoBrain Wikipedia Article
     A fairly good overview of the VideoBrain system.
VideoBrain and Discussion Group VideoBrain and Channel F Computer and Console Discussion Group
     A great place to talk about the VideoBrain or the Fairchild Channel F (another system that uses the unusual choice of the F8 CPU). Members often upload items to the File Area, and you will find files here that you won't find anyplace else.
VideoBrain Emulation VideoBrain Emulation
     The VideoBrain computer isn't well known, and because of this, there is only one place to turn for VideoBrain emulation: MESS. The emulator doesn't run well, but it is updated from time to time as more information about the VideoBrain is discovered.
VideoBrain Overview VideoBrain Overview at
     Includes pictures as well as an overview of the specifications of the VideoBrain computer. A nice place to visit after, perhaps, reading about the VideoBrain for the first time at Wikipedia.

Other Gaming Links

APF Programming APF MP-1000 and Imagination Machine Programming
     A subsite of APF MP-1000 Game Console and Imagination Machine Programming. This system is based around the Motorola 6800 CPU.
Astrocade Group Bally Alley Discussion Group
     Bally Alley's Astrocade discussion group at Yahoo Groups. Read what other people in the Astrocade community are doing.
Atari Age Atariage
     For those of us who can't get enough Atari, this site covers all the systems and is very well known for its active forums.
Bally Alley Bally Alley website
     Dedicated to the Bally/Astrocade. A sister site of
Digital Press Digital Press
Online presence of paper newsletter with coverage from the earliest to the latest systems. Many writers, with varying skill levels, create an inviting place to read up on alternative outlooks on any system you can shake a stick at. These folks also create the Collector's Guide.
Emerson Arcadia 2001 Emerson Arcadia 2001
     The small website was created to hold large Arcadia-related files. A subsite of
Good Deal Games Good Deal Games
     Check out the Articles page for hours of interesting reading!
Random Terrain Random Terrain
     RT's Atari 2600 pages are highly enjoyable and insightful -- as well as the other fascinating goodies on his site.

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